Friday, May 30, 2008

P Diddy's $65 Million Yacht, The Maraya

(image via yachtspotter)

Jacuzzi via elitechoice.

Although P Diddy made an interesting impression at Cannes, associating, briefly, with Mike Tyson (before Tyson made a manic beeline to the more influential Madonna), it was his chartered 4-story superyacht Maraya that stole the show. From Elitechoice: "Maraya falling in Arabic dictionary means 'mirror,' is a project entirely custom-built to meet the needs of the owner expecting lights to rule the ambiance."

But Diddy is restless. After kind of flopping as a New York-based actor in his critically-panned performance in "Raisin in the Sun," the serial-capitalist now wants a more decidedly "Vanity Fair"-ish, Hollywoody image, dropping hints -- with a truly ghettonic velocity -- that that vague self-reinvention scheme might include some screenwriting (Averted Gaze). And ever the devoted materialist, Diddy invited London's 3AM Girls on board his yacht -- mainly to free associate on business deals he wants to make happen and celebrity friendships he wants to cultivate -- and they reported:

-- Diddy's flunkies are having a grand ole superficial time on the French Riviera:

"'Eager for a nose around to see how the jet-set live, I arrive a tad early for my host, who I find surrounded by fussing flunkies.

"One is holding a mirror in front of his face, another is brushing his already perfectly-preened hair.

"'That's enough, thanks,' says the rapper, nodding them away ..."

-- Perhaps the rapper-entrepreneur should be called FasDIDDYous:

"(The yacht has a) 10-man crew. The top deck boasts a stage and huge projector screen above the main party floor which has an '80s-style bar at the back.

To protect the thick cream carpets, guests are asked to remove their stilettos or trainers and go barefoot."

-- Electric blue lights greet guests as they enter, so that, no doubt, they never forget how famous they are. Just a wee bit ghetto, says we.

-- Diddy's decor aims after "plush," but instead brings off just a touch of louche: "...giant jars of dried apricots line the mantelpieces, books about Africa lay on the tables and soft cushions are scattered on the sofas." And: "The crew will make chocolate chip cookies on demand and issue pashmina blankets if Diddy's guests feel the slightest chill." But what about Junior's cheesecake? Will they run out and get it if "SamLo" need some a slice?

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