Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kylie Minogue: "I've Got a Great Black Girls Butt ... Forget These Skinny Girls"

Kylie Minogue pontificated at length on the splendiferous bounty of African-American booty while staying at, ironically, Cannes (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). We cannot help but agree. That whole Paris-Hilton-concave-Ass thing leaves us quite literally limp; a man needs a little arroz-con-pollo in the buttcheek, nah mean? Let the Long Island contractors have their Hilton-shaped strippers, to each his own (Averted Gaze). Minogue speaks out for the body-type of well-over over 50 percent of the planets ladies. From 3AMGirls:

"Looking gorgeous in a floorlength silvery gown she squealed with laughter as she compared her famous derriere to Beyonce's.

"'Look at my butt,' she giggled. 'I've got a great black girl's butt, kinda like Beyonce and J-Lo. I may be from Australia but I think I must have some blackness in me.

"'You'll never hear me wishing I had a smaller butt. The bigger the better.'

"..She gushed: 'I love having curves - forget these skinny girls. I love feeling feminine and womanly - being curvy in all the right places is part of that.'

"She then threw her words into actions as she hitched up the hem of her sparkly frock and demanded someone teach her how to do the Jamaican 'Dutty Wind' dance - which involves sexily jiggling your bottom to the ground. And revellers including Jay-Z and Jamelia were amazed at her moves."


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