Friday, April 21, 2006

A Little of the Old In and Out

Revenge of the Nerds. (image via apple)

In: JJ Abrams. His resume is impressively Sci-Fi: "Alias" writer, "Lost" creator, MI:3 scripter; now add Star Trek to his bio. Considering the growing power of Science Fiction and Fantasy in film in this fast-moving digital age, re-igniting this dying franchise has a certain poingnance. According to GuardianUnlimited:

"Mission: Impossible 3 director JJ Abrams is to take the helm of the Starship Enterprise as work gets underway on Hollywood's 11th Star Trek instalment.

"Chiefs at Paramount Pictures are compiling an aggressive line-up of potential blockbusters and know the sci-fi franchise has been an enduring earner.

"Studio executives have earmarked a tentative 2008 release for the film, an origins story that shows how James T Kirk and Mr Spock meet at Starfleet Academy and go on their first assignment."

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Out: Paula Abdul Got Knocked the Fuck Out We shouldn't be laughing at this. We know. Human pain and suffering, yadda-yadda-yadda. At the risk of drawing bad Karma, we've secretly wanted to toss her a stiff right cross for at least a decade. Maybe more.

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In: The TVGuide Blog. TV Guide has been adrift for some time now. Beseiged on all sides like a Crusader castle. It went from being a comprehensive digest -- the type favored by serial killer types -- to a vaguely irrelevant entity. But now they made the pimp move. From Paidcontent:

" ...And here we complain that traditional media does not embrace blogs..TV Guide has gone berserk and started 65 of them at one go! (That�s the first time I�m using the exclamation mark in a long long time, so you know what I mean).
These blogs are written by its magazine and online editorial staff�specific show blogs, like my favorite show Grey�s Anatomy blog (it sucks that the show is off until April 30th, and ABC has even stopped updating the official blogs and podcasts..that was a huge opportunity for them, to keep the fan�s interest alive online).

"Back on track, on, thers are more like commentary columns in blog form, written by columnists who cover entertainment news, TV pop culture, celebrities, movies and soap operas. Users can add comments to blogs and create their own blogs on the site. Online community operating firm LiveWorld will provide moderation services."

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