Friday, April 21, 2006

Jamie Foxx: What Goes on In the Boudoir Stays in the Boudoir

(image via deadbodiesinc)

Obnoxious Oscar winner Jamie Foxx had a saucy London vacation. According to the 3AMGirls:

"...The actor turned R&B crooner managed to pull FIVE ladies on a marathon bender in London on Wednesday

".. The 38-year-old singer flew in to perform at record label RCA's relaunch party at Cafe de Paris in London, and it wasn't long before he started rounding up lovely ladies who had taken his fancy."

Oh (Rxaggerated cough suggesting deigned detachment), there's nothing fancy about it, we assure you:

"Before he went on to play, he asked a flunky to clear away any men from the front of the crowd and replace them with women."

Then, it a fit of perverse whimsy, Jamie Foxx turned water into wine and provided loafs of bread and baskets of fish for the worshipful onlookers.

"And after he got the screaming ladies eating out of his hand, he selected four - including an Italian and a South American - to escort him to his private lair backstage."

"Beefy minders stood guard in front of the locked door to the opulent V-VIP room, which had four double beds covered with red velvet sheets, strewn with rose petals."

-- Soon to be annihiliated, to be sure, and declared biohazardous material.

"To complete the saucy setting,"

-- and, we assure you, "saucy," is le mot juste:

"... the secret chamber - filled with bottles of Cristal champagne - was lit with dodgy red lights.

"For over an hour, no one was allowed to disturb the love-in and when we cheekily asked what was happening, a flunky replied: 'What goes on in the boudoir, stays in the boudoir.'"

But what is left in the boudoir multiplies at bacterial velocity. More here.

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