Friday, April 21, 2006

Corsair Exclusive: Mr. Marcus Speaks On: "Superhead"

(image via photorazzi)

The Vivid Video featuring Mr. Marcus and the infamous "Superhead" is out. Bill Maher's ex, Usher's ex, even Fred Durst's ex -- let's face it, lots of people's ex -- as well as bestselling author, Karrine Steffans is back in the public eye yet again. So we asked legendary porn star Mr.Marcus what was up with that? Like, we wanted to know, was, uh, "Superhead" a professional at giving, uh, a professional. "Professionalism?" replied Mr. Marcus via email, "For her performing for the first time on video I expected her to be nervous, but instead she was very confident and very relaxed. I guess you could say professional."

Next we wanted to know, is the name all hype?

Mr. Marcus: "She is as skilled as the name suggest. I think it's because she likes doing it. That has always been the difference when it comes to sexual women, they really excel at things they enjoy doing ... sexually."

The Corsair: How did the decision to release the film come about?

Mr. Marcus: "I've had a relationship with Vivid for over 10 years so it was very easy to go to them and say 'your sitting on something I think you should take a look at'. The idea to re-release the scene was in the works way before the book and other appearances by Karrine. It just gained momentum when she raised her profile. Steve Hirsch is one of the smartest guys in adult and Vivid has built a brand that is leading the way into mainstream, I look to be apart of that ... Again, I look forward to doing work and business with people or companies who have positive ideas concerning adult. Especially black adult.

The Corsair: And, finally, is there someone you haven't worked with that you'd like to work with?

Mr. Marcus: "For the not so distant future, how about an acting job working with Spike Lee? Is that too much to ask for? Hope not."

And you thought Denzel Washington was "The Inside Man."

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