Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Howard Stern to Sumner Redstone: "shut your Fu**ing mouth... a**hole"

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Howard Stern has, at various times, described his media strategy aginst Viacom as a multi-dimesional chess game. Recently Howard said (hat tip to Marksfriggin), "(Howard) explained ... that he was taught the game of Chess as a child and used that in his career so he's always six moves ahead of people in his life." The "I Hate Les Moonves" tour, for example, is considered "Stage 1." We can hardly wait for what stages 2 and 3 are, because the rhetoric has been upped into the media ionosphere (BTW: Where the fuck are the Vanity Fair and New York Magazine pieces on this fiery feud?). Today, Stern went ballistic over the Sumner Redstone Newsweek interview. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard brought up Les Moonves, Joel Hollander and now Sumner Redstone. He said that Sumner's own family members sue him because he's such a scumbag. He went off on that guy for a short time saying that they're like a bunch of gangsters over there at CBS. He said that Sumner Redstone is a Jew and he wanted to know what his real name was. He said that he's a Jew who's embarrassed to use his real name."

(The Corsair lets loose a slow, long whistle) But wait, it gets more intense:

"... Gary came in and showed Howard an article about how Sumner and Les use the company jet for personal reasons. Howard told him that there's more to that than he thinks and he will expose more in the future. He continued to go off on Sumner and how he's a self-hating Jew. He told him to come forward and change that name back to what it was, he probably only has a year left to live anyway.

"... He said that Sumner Redstone came up to him just a few weeks ago and congratulated him on his move to satellite. Now he's in the news talking about how they're going to win their case against him. He obviously didn't know about the lawsuit and he should keep his mouth shut if that's the case. He told him to ''...shut your fuckin mouth... asshole.''

Howard seemed to catch himself and backtracked a little. Later on in the show:

"Howard said that he sometimes loses his temper on the air and he always had a good relationship with Sumner but he hates when they go out and say stuff about him in the news. He said he wasn't backing down, he just gets very angry when this stuff comes up. He said he feels like he built that radio division over there. This is such a nasty payback for all the work he did for them."

As we said, if this is "Stage 1" of Howard Stern's multidimensional chess game, we can't wait to hear what "Stage 2" is. (markfriggin)

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