Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Corsair Schedule Slowdown

It's been a glorious 3 years or so, blogging daily. Some might argue that getting on the glorious Page Six, which this blog did yesterday, is a high note. That may be our cue to exit, stage right, on top, like so many sitcoms ought to have after Season 7.

Blogging daily has been wonderful. Fun. Therapeutic. Exhausting.

But what began as taking 2 or three hours a day has metamorphosed -- and flowered -- into a whole days worth of writing, six days a week. And while we do love doing this, we would also like to have more time for paying freelance assignments, which, you know, pay rent (which is a good thing). At the present blogging/freelance pace, that is impossible.

So, this blog is going to come at a much slower pace. Maybe a few postings a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. And, as a result, we intend to keep the Ron Mwangaguhunga byline coming to you, this time via magazines and papers and projects and whatnot. This blog has, among other things, allowed me to show what I can do, and, in the process, I had a damn good time doing it. I am not an ass-kisser (It goes aginst my genetic coding), and this blog was -- and is -- my way of getting my name to The Editors without compromising my integrity (Or, my lack of talent at kissing ass). If you are, incidentally, an editor, lit agent, &c. with an assignment for a witty Ugandan-American with a hankering for mischief, you can reach me at: papermag@yahoo.com.

I'm going to miss the daily interaction of blogging greatly. And, no doubt, when someone like Charlie Sheen calls Denis Richards a f*ckin* n**ger, well, I am going to want to have my daily regular audience, which, alas, I will not. Although I have never gone cold turkey with Crack, something tells me this blog-withdrawal is a not dissimilar process. Believe me: If there were any way to blog and make a decent living I would blog entirely. In a heartbeat. Without question. But that is not the present situation.

I would like to send a special shout out to my magnificent blog wife, Miu at Socialitelife, whose attentive links have been invaluable. Thank you, darling. I'll never forget.

For everyone that has supported me over the years and is now hurt by this development I want to say Thank You, and, Don't be that Way. Come on. Remember the good times we had. The laughs. The sex by the veranda in the evening thunderstorm. You are so not over me. Don't write me off. I'll still be around. Just not 6 days a week writing 2,000 words. Smile a little when you see my byline and remember me at my best.

Again, thanks for the support,
I am always,
Your Corsair,
Ron Mwangaguhunga



Katerina said...

I visit the Mutterland for a few days and I come back to this??
Will miss you...
But as long as you remember to drop in once in a while, I wish you all the best, because you are really talented and you deserve it darling!

Ron said...

Thank you, my dear. I'm going to try to be good about posting here. I've emailed you.

sac said...

I always wondered how you made the time to work and do this blog thing. You're the best at what you do, which is chronicle the jet-set, be they whoring celebrities or whoring politicos. Good luck in future endeavors, and welcome to blog retirement. It's glorious, I can assure you.

-sac (regardless of what the Blogger identity says below)

Ron said...

Ah dear sweet sac, sacramento is the new new york and semi-retirement is the new daily blogging!

liza said...

but, but, but ROOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN! You are my crack! How am I going to cope ... what am I going to cope with withdrawal?!?!?


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Aw man, I close my eyes for a second and look what happens :(

You'll be back...if Hulk Hogan and Mr. T can make 100 comebacks, so can the Corsair.

'Sides, there's a million blonde party bimbos out there in the world - someone's gotta make fun o'them.

Peggy Archer said...

I understand the need to slow down, but I'll still miss reading you every day!

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

I still say that he ain't going nowhere.

he can't be stopped now.

'cuz he's bad boy for life!