Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Zenith of the 80s

"Riding his bike in the pouring rain to a delightful uptown (DC) dinner party, (Emilio Estevez) presses his soaked nose to the windowpane, sucking in every inch of (Andy McDowell's) coltish beauty. Unable to restrain himself, he crashes the do, squelches in and approaches (her). She turns and drawls, 'How are yew?' His agonized reply: 'I'm obsessed, thank you very much.'

Figuring she's the kind of gal who's turned on by a high roller, he uses the home of the Korean lobbyist he's working for to throw a loud, lurid party in her honor. When she fails to show, he tracks her all the way to a ski lodge where she's, of course, weekending with a concerned medic. She tries to let him down gently, saying she's flattered, whereupon he grabs her and lays a big deep sucking kiss on her.

"This has the effect of transferring his infatuation. She's left shivering in the snow, her womanhood awakened. He speeds off whooping and punching the air in triumph."

Jonathan Bernstein, Pretty in Pink.

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