Friday, January 09, 2004

Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell

"I chauffered Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell around dozens of times during 1987. They were a strange mix. She was very polished, having been raised and educated in London. In her crisp British accent she talked down to Tyson all the time, trying to 'educate' him, correcting his grammar and teaching him manners. She also got him into a designer clothes mentality by taking him on expensive shopping trips in mid-town Manhattan, to expensive boutiques on Madison and Fifth Avenues. Until then, he had been wearing clothes bought at AJ Lester's, a sporting goods store in Brooklyn. Naomi Campbell got him into Gianni Versace, the designer for whom she did most of her modeling work. Later, his wardrobe was almost exclusively made by Versace, including $2,500 sport shirts and $5,000 leather pants. Tyson would shower (Campbell) with very expensive gold and diamond jewelry.

"There were a number of times I picked up Naomi Campbell from Philadelphia International, the closest major airport to Atlantic City. She was on a tight schedule so, instead of having time for a real date, many times I would just chauffer them to Manhattan. This gave them several hours to have sex in the back of the limousine. The movement they generated in the back of the limousine was incredible. Sometimes I thought the car, rocking and rolling, might tip over. Once we arrived at her apartment building, they would say their goodbyes.

"'You know, Mike, if it weren't for the sex, I wouldn't even talk to you,' she seemed to enjoy telling him.'You don't offer me anything else.'

"And Tyson would just laugh. Exhausted from the non-stop sex, MT would sleep all the way back to the Ocean Club."

The Inner Ring, by Rudy Gonzalez


Anonymous said...

Your story on Mike Tyson is interesting but you should stay out of grown folks business

Anonymous said...

GO MIKE !!!!
You are "THE BEST" !!!!

Big Artie.

Unknown said...

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