Monday, October 22, 2007

Is It time For The Second Tier To Quit?

We are, of course, partisans of The Glorious Bill Richardson. He is even more qualified than Al Gore. If there is even a remote possibility that someone with Goevrnor-Ambassador Richardson's outstanding resume could be elected, we would be so there.

But we are realistic.

We are Corsair.

And Jeanne Cummings of The Politico says what we harbor in the secret of our hearts:

"Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton each have more than three times more cash to spend than their closest money rival, John Edwards.

"They each have more than 15 times the cash of Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd — and Dodd has twice as much as three other candidates.

"A decision about persevering, though, is about more than money. Reputations are at stake, as are future career options.

"If a sitting senator gets slaughtered in Iowa, will the stench of it still linger in the Upper Chamber?"

It might be time for Richardson to bargain for his endorsement against Joe Biden for Secretary of State (Wes Clark is surely either Sec-Def or Veep in a Clinton White House).

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