Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kimora: "It's Easy To Confuse Russell (Simmons)"

(image via smh)

Russell Simmons always looks to be in need of a robust multivitamin. Apparently, his existential weakness extends deep into the cosmos of the intellect. From New York Magazine:

"'I was at the Black Caucus sitting next to Hillary Clinton, and she said, ‘I can’t make your birthday party,’ says Russell. Kimora tells us that the senator was genuinely upset and that her staff had simply neglected to tell her the party was a surprise (which we’re sure bodes well for the next time she’s having tea with Ahmadinejad and blurts out, 'Oh, poop! I can’t make it to that sneak attack on Iran!'). Luckily, says Kimora, 'Russell got confused. It’s easy to confuse Russell.'"

Yeah, we thought so.

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