Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Was Time Russert "Belligerent"?

(image via drudgereport)

Clearly, the Clintons will never attain the love and approval of the Washington elites -- the Sally Quinn set -- as, say, the Gores, who were to manner born and bred. The Gore-Hillary tensions were all about that DC Elite-Clinton culture rift. The Clinton's have never been loved by that crowd (The Clintons and their courtiers never played That Game). And that lack of the acceptance from the DC Power Elite combined with opposition from Republicans who never believed a "draft dodger" -- their words not The Corsair's -- should ever have followed in the footsteps of Reagan, 40 and Bush, 41 (Modern-day conservatives claim ownership of The White House, and are willing to render sleazy little 5-4 verdicts at will to hold onto it), led to Bill Clinton's impeachment in the House (But not The Senate). And there you have it, The Corsair's Modern presidential History.

The fact that Henry Ross Perot -- isn't that French? -- siphoned off white male Republican votes from Bush, "No New Taxes" 41, thus electing Clinton without the popular majority -- which precipitated his infamous Triangulation -- only intensified the bitterness that only 8 years in the political wilderness can bring (The Corsair sips a 1947 Chateau Margaux Margaux).

Now, the DC Elite strikes back, in the form of the Dean of The Talking Heads, Tim Russert. From Drudge:

"Clinton Inner-Circle Blame 'Unfair' Moderator Tim Russert. 'He Bordered On The Unprofessional,' Top Hillary Advisor Charges. 'He Broke Debate Rules And Was Belligerent'..."

We are not fans of the sanguinary Clinton-Bush dynastic politics -- it is neither in the best interests of America, nor the character of a democratic republic -- but The Clintonistas have a point: Russert was clearly goading the candidates to attack Hillary (Averted Gaze). It was every bit as savage a maneuver as The New York times page A1 above-the-fold insinuation that they will be on top of Bill Clinton's post-Presidential "extracurricular activities (May 23, 2006)."

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