Monday, February 05, 2007

If Joss Whedon Leaves Wonder Woman, Who Gets Custody of The Invisible Jet?

Under California divorce laws property is equitable divided 50/50. So when everybody's favorite fanboy screenwriter leaves the Amazonian princess (Also known as "The Wonder Woman Project"), who gets the Invisible jet? According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Joss Whedon, who had been developing a big-screen adaptation of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures, parted ways with the studio and production company on the project.

"Whedon announced the news Friday on a fansite, chalking it up to creative differences. 'I had a take on the film that, well, nobody liked,' he wrote on Studio and agency sources confirmed the development.

"The latest setback on 'Wonder Woman,' which has gone through a long gestation process, underlines the difficulties studios encounter when developing such marquee pop culture titles."

The problem with Hollywood studio executives is that they get laid on a regular basis. There is an inverse proportion -- some geek at Comecon probably did the actual math on this -- between the degree of sexual frustration and overall squidliness of the director and screenwriter of a comic book film adaptation and it's actual box office. In other words: The geekier the director -- Sam Raimi, Joss Whedon -- the better received the film.

One Lalaland figures out this simple Truism, matching Dork with the appropriate project, the studios can get around to mining Marvel and DC like the the California Hills of 1848.

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