Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brian Williams Rattled, or, "Do Abdroids Dream of Electric Sheep"?

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Is NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams an android, as Mischeivous Maureen Dowd suggests in her bestseller "Are Men Necessary?" He answered that, No, there is no Midwestern facility that manufactures Brian Williamses (And thank all-knowing Buddha for that). If Brian Williams were of electronic stock, he would have been kinder to Bloggers, whom he once described as being "someone in a bathroom with a modem (We have long memories, Brian)." That was, of course, before he joined us (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

But even a "Mandroid" of such sophisticated design (The perfect Senatorial hair, the modulated "Voice of God," the corn and milk-fed good looks) has flaws, namely: Brian's temper, on exhibit, more often, now that NBC's Nightly News is, well, slipping .. faster than a glass of "Beefeater" gin down Brandon Davis' oily, bloated throat (Eew; Watch out or he'll squirt on you). According to RadarOnline's Fresh Intelligence:

"It looks like NBC is so rattled by Charles Gibson's second week on top in the evening news race that heads are starting to roll: Radar hears that Nightly News With Brian Williams executive producer John Reiss, who got a very public dressing down from the affable anchor in the NBC newsroom earlier this month, has been shown the door.

"Sources say an official announcement will be delayed for several weeks to avoid the appearance of NBC panicking at losing ground in the ratings race. Reiss and an NBC News spokeswoman did not return repeated calls for comment."

They need to set brian's Mandroid switch to "Chill the Fuck out, yo." More here.

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