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Bruce Willis, Robert Evans, Ben Affleck Named in Madame's "Trick" Registry

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That Robert "The Kid Stays in the Picture" Evans visits hookers is not so surprising. There have been rumors that he likes to purchase a -- how does one say this? -- "Golden Shower," or two, *allegedly*, of course (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). Hey: It relieves stress and he was under the gun at Paramount; lay off, will you. But Bruce Willis? Whatthefuck. Sure, he's had a few porn stars in his time, but who hasn't in Hollywood. Let he who has no sins cast the first Sheen. From ThisisLondon:

"A madam who ran an international prostitute ring is publishing an autobiography naming and shaming top Hollywood stars she claims were her clients.

"Jody 'Babydol' Gibson, who served 22 months in prison for pimping, says Bruce Willis, the late Hollywood producer Don Simpson, and the Sultan of Brunei, were just some of the rich and famous men in her 'trick book'."

We can safely bet that Bruce Willis is busy conjuring all sorts of magic to make that "Trick Book" disappear. More:

"The names were suppressed in documents at her trial in 2000 but they have now been released, prompting a flurry of denials from the men listed in the records of Gibson's California Dreamin' business.

"A lawyer for Willis told the Los Angeles Times that the actor had never spoken to Gibson and the story was a 'complete fabrication'. However, former Sex Pistol Steve Jones, also on her books, told the paper he might have used the escort service. 'It's possible,' he said. 'I crossed paths with her back then.'

"Gibson's prostitution ring boasted a roster of 300 women, charging between $500 and $3,000. The autobiography is due to be published this week.

"The black book includes headings such as Robert Evans 'Godfather' of Kink, referring to the producer of Chinatown and other films, and Roland Joffè's 'Scarlett Letter,' a misspelt reference to film director Roland Joffè."

Robert Evans as the Godfather of Kink. Gee, sounds legit to us. More (ThisisLondon)

Extra: E! is reporting on some more high and not-so-high profile names named in the book, including Ben Affleck. From E Entertainment:

"In her new autobiography, Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam, due in stores on Thursday, Jody 'Babydoll' Gibson alleges that both Affleck and Willis were patrons of her call-girl service before she was arrested eight years ago.

"On a promotional Website for the book, Gibson claims to reveal the details of Affleck's 'steamy night with a hot blonde' as well as a 'wild time' involving Willis.

"'This book is about my life servicing the rich and famous…and their sex, sex, sex!' Gibson writes in the introduction to her memoir, available on

"Other household names Gibson alleges were on her list of clients include Jim Belushi, Gary Busey, former Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda, the late movie producer Don Simpson and Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones."

Wow. That's some bad company for Ben Affleck to be keeping, if, of course, this is true. More here.

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