Thursday, March 11, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Jennifer Garner. As Medialife reports, " 'Alias' star Jennifer Garner has made the switch from playing a spy on television to recruiting spies for the CIA. Garner will be featured in a video on the agency�s employment web site. The CIA chose her to represent its organization because, as stated on the CIA web site, the character she plays embodies the integrity, patriotism and intelligence the CIA searches for when recruiting." Now, Garner may be a slice o' heavenly yellow cake and all, but what's her game? You'll remember that Garner also hosted the Scientific and Technical Awards on Feb. 14 at the Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena. Is she angling to leverage the geek stalker material position currently left vacant by Gillian Anderson. Or maybe it is an elaborate plot to get her own Star Trek show.

Out: Ron Galotti. I've fucked with Galotti majorly in my little media blog, but I'm sad to see him go. Keith Kelly reports, "Ron Galotti, the real-life 'Mr. Big' who was played by actor Chris Noth in 'Sex and the City,' is selling everything and leaving Gotham.

"'I bought the farm,' he told Media Ink. His new home will be a 100-acre farm in Pomfret, Vt., just outside of Woodstock.

"The departure of one of the most important publishers in the business over two decades comes six months after his stormy departure - the third in his career- from glitzy, glamorous Conde Nast, where he was most recently publisher of GQ.

"The 55-year-old former executive says he looks back fondly but has no intention to return. 'I've had a great run, I wouldn't change a thing,' he said." Oh Ron, now who will we bitchslap when it's a slow week?

In: Anderson Cooper is in, very, very in. Ben Affleck, whose career is in a serious nose dive, was quoted giving a nasty remark to the always excellent Rush and Molloy. "Asked why (Affleck) went on the Howard Stern show in December, Affleck quips: 'With Howard, you know what you're getting. It's not CNN, where there's some snide p- named Anderson Cooper pretending to do real news."

Cooper this week also earned high praise from Our fearless Leader, Choire Sicha, class president of the blogger set, in the salmon colored pages of The Observer, saying, among other things, "At a time when cable news is a cesspool of partisan shit-stirring, rehashed war feed and cheery, white-toothed weatherman smiles, Mr. Cooper distinctly stands out. He�s turning out to be something even more unexpected�and much more compelling�than the Gen-X sex symbol/anchor of his do-me CNN marketing: the return of the TV journalist as humanist." You go, Anderson.

Out: OneWorld Magazine. That glossy tribute to Russ' ego is capt. No more loving interviews and cover features on the boss' wife, the absurd Kimora Simmons. According to Rush and Molloy, "(Russell) Simmons ... had some bad news on the publishing front. His OneWorld magazine has folded. The nine-year-old mag about hip-hop culture was said to be having serious financial problems. Simmons blamed the shutdown on the departure of publisher John Pasmore, adding that 'we plan to relaunch OneWorld in the near future.'" No, please don't Russell.

In: via via TMFTML. James Allenspach is an evil genius. Jesus on the cross, listening to --? I'd guess Norah Jones, cause Jesus had that "in touch with his feminine side" flow about him.

Out: The Practice. Apparently, this will be news to all seven people who still watch this show, but Nellie Andreeva of The Hollywood Reporter reports that the show is done. "David E. Kelley's Emmy-winning legal drama 'The Practice' will bow out May 16 after eight seasons.

"The final episodes of the ABC show will set up a spinoff series, which has been given a 22-episode order by the network for the fall." I don't think I have ever watched a single episode of this show.

In: The Colorado Senate race will be the most closely watched and competetive in, perhaps, the nation's history. As Peter Savodnik writes in The Hill, "Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-Colo.) is in the middle of a classic political dilemma: The White House is urging him to run for the seat held by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.) while House Republican leaders are pressing him to hold on to the seat he narrowly won in 2002."

Actually, Beauprez "spent more than $1.8 million to eke out a 121-vote victory." In other words, if he runs for the Senate, the Democrats will pick it up faster than Colin Farrell at a Playboy Mansion party. And the Senate race is just as hot in this battleground for power in the capitol of the world's last standing superpower. Rumored to be thinking of a run is philosopher king Gary Hart. State Attorney General Ken Salazar and software entrepreneur Rutt Bridges, who is expected to spend $10 million on the race, have all already announced their candidacies. Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colo.)pulled out, and, on the Republican side, rising star Tom Tancredo, who has made a name for himself in Republican power circles by an intense anti-immigration platform (he's to the right of Pat Buchanan if such a space exists).

Out: Jude Law, neatfreak. According to that significant cultural artifact Star Magazine, Jude Law is a neatfreak. They write, "Jude Law is telling friends he's so frustrated with his girlfriend, Alfie co-star Sienna Miller, 21, he wants to break up. The reason? Seems Jude has a lot in common with Felix Ungar from The Odd Couple -- obsessed with order and cleanliness. A source says the 31-year-old can't stand the fact that Sienna is so completely disorganized. 'Jude lines up the shoes in his wardrobe, arranges his clothes according to color. He keeps all the papers on his desk neatly stacked and his pencils sharpened. He also freaks out if there's anything in the fridge that's beyond the sell-by date.'

"Apparently, Jude was just as anal-retentive with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, 35, and their three children. 'He was annoyed if the kids left finger marks on the walls, or if the living room was strewn with toys," the source says. "Sadie was always trying to get the house as clean as possible for him, but Jude was complaining to her that it looked untidy.'

"According to the source, Sienna is ultra flighty. 'She loses her cell phone, forgets appointments, and constantly spills the contents of her purse.' Friends say that Jude can't believe he's dating someone more scatterbrained than Sadie, so he wants out -- with plans to dump Sienna right after the Oscars, according to the source."

Wait, didn't Sienna pose for Maxim in her panties? And Jude thought he was dating a Mesopotamian scholar?

In: Sexy camera phone pics. Once again, Drew Barrymore is ahead of the curve. Ananova reports, "The Charlie's Angels star was seen taking the saucy snaps in lingerie store, Victoria's Secret, reports Teen Hollywood.

"The actress was apparently sending the sexy pictures to her rock star boyfriend, Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes.

"A friend of the actress is quoted as saying: 'The camera phone was a birthday gift and she was bursting to try it out.

"'She and a girlfriend were snapping away in Victoria's Secret and were sending the raunchy photos to Fabrizio to see which outfit took his fancy.'"

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