Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kofi and Courtney: All I Wanted Was Some Chicken Nuggets

Page Six gives us the goods on the apparently not homeless but merely bedraggled breast suckler, Kofi Asare:

"Kofi Asare, 23, tells PAGE SIX he hopes to print the infamous image on T-shirts, and use it to further his dreams of becoming an actor or model. 'First there was Justin and Janet, and now there's Kofi and Courtney,' Asare crows. 'It's great exposure for me. I look at the picture and I think, Wow, that's a classic shot. It's controversial, but it's all in good fun.'

"The photo - which shows a grinning Love pulling down her top while Asare suckles her like a newborn baby - has been burning up the Internet and is rumored to have been bought by the National Enquirer.

"Asare says he was heading into Wendy's around 8 p.m. last Wednesday when he saw Love flashing her breasts at paparazzi outside. 'All I wanted was some chicken nuggets,' Asare says. 'I saw Miss Love flashing everyone. I had to push the envelope. I figured, 'This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.' She flashed me so I was like, 'May I?' She was cool with it. It wasn't like I was trying to do anything to degrade her.

"'I just said, Thank you, and she got into her vehicle with some people she was with. They sped off and the paparazzi sped off after them.' Love was arrested hours later after she allegedly hit a fan with a microphone stand while performing at Plaid.

"Asare, who is black, said he was offended after some identified him as 'homeless' when describing the photo. 'I didn't appreciate being vilified like that,' said Asare, a reservations agent for a limousine company who lives with his parents in Morningside Heights. 'It was an assassination of my character. I'm not homeless. I graduated from SUNY-New Paltz last year. I majored in public relations.'"

I wouldn't advertise a graduation from New Paltz, but point taken. With regards to the more serious allegations about underage sex, the most excellent Page Sixers investigated, and Ted Nugent wasn' returning calls:

"Meanwhile, Love went on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday and gave a rambling interview in which she claimed to have performed oral sex on rocker Ted Nugent when she was a 12-year-old groupie. Nugent did not return our call for comment. "

Nor did he return emails from The Corsair.

(image via the awesome evgrieve)

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