Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Katie O'Connell, Head of NBC East Coast Development. According to Fashionweekdaily, fashionista Cynthia Rowley is having a wild sort of weekend with newly minted East Coast power player Katie O'Connell. Before hosting a swell dressed party at CAIN in Southampton for her book "The Swell Dressed Party," Rowley will chaperone Katie O around tonight:

"Rowley has gathered up a carload of friends, including John Bartlett, Chris Farrell, Martha Plimpton, and Tatum O�Neill, to join her on a double-decker bus she has rented to take newly arrived East Coast transplant Katie O�Connell around the city. O�Connell comes from L.A., where she will head up NBC�s new head of East Coast development. Connection? 'We�re old, old friends,' Rowley said of O�Connell, whose job it is to develop new shows. But she hesitated, leaving speculation that she may be developing a television show."

Hmm. That sounds like some high profile shmoozing. Does Fashionweekdaily know something that we don't?

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The "Peaches" (image via telegraph)

Out: Pete Doherty. Apparently, cracktivist/manbitch Pete Doherty called up London's 3AM Girls at, like, 4AM, and -- mirabile dictu -- the call wasn't in order to score some "sweet-rock."

You see, Doherty, who is desperately spiralling towards suicide, alleged recently that Geldof's daughter Peaches squeezed his tushy -- "hard" -- before he went on to perform at Live 8. But, don't crackheads have a "deficit of ass"? That has always been our understanding. Anyway, the concavity of his ass-cheek notwithstanding, According to the 3AM Girls:

"Pete Doherty, crack addict and recent Kate Moss reject, is desperately worried that he might have upset Saint Bob Geldof by some remarks he made about the Live 8 guru's daughter, Peaches."

(The Corsair repeats to himself, "...Peaches")

"A few weeks ago Pete famously claimed Sir Bob's 16-year-old daughter had squeezed his bum before he went on stage to duet with Elton John at the anti-poverty extravaganza."

But she's an "ancient" 16 ...

"Now a 3am spy reveals: 'Since then he has been wracked with guilt and has tried, unsuccessfully, to call Bob to apologise.'

"After losing too many nights' sleep, Pete decided to call 3am for help.

"In an emotional 4am phone call, the singer said he was tormented with worry and pleaded for Bob Geldof's number so he could set the record straight.

"The typically confused message said: 'Hello it's, errr, Pete Doherty here and I'm a little bit concerned about a story that's been going about saying one of Bob Geldof's kids is harassing me.

"'I've been trying to ehhh, get hold of his number myself, but I've had a bit of, errr, trouble.
"So could you put in your paper Pete Doherty would like to apologise to Bob and his daughters ... It's quite emmm, upsetting to me because I thought I got on well with Bob and his daughters ... Kate has known these girls since they were babies as well, so it's all a bit wrong."

The full message, minus the bitch-like squeals, infernal stammering and the moist, soft sucking sounds on glass -- here.

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When told of that he was considered a thespian, Tom Arnold responded, jocularly: "Thesbians?! Where?! Can I watch?" (image via krewofbacchus)

In: Tom Arnold. The Corsair couldn't believe that Indiewire could ever have nice things to say about Tom Arnold, but they did. They really did. As we type in this heatwave in NYC, Hell is freezing over:

"Overflowing with self-enshrining 'acerbic wit,' Don Roos' curiously fondly remembered 'The Opposite of Sex' ended up having all the edge of a dulled butter knife slathered with oleo. Ever the auto-critic, Roos constructs narratives of such dithery reflexivity that, on an almost moment to moment basis, you're not allowed to find fault with whatever narrative leap, jarring tonal inconsistency, or dramatic clich� he throws at you; see, because he already knows he's doing it.

" ... The only truly shocking thing here is that the film's saving grace comes in the form of Tom Arnold, an inspired choice for the part of Frank, Otis' father.

"Managing to avoid turning Frank into either a sad sack or an intolerant WASP monster, Arnold's soft features and weary yet still punchy presence give the film a touch of unforced poignancy. When manipulated and humiliated by (Maggie) Gyllenhaal's irredeemable Jude, Arnold manages to convey a graceful resilience that convinces us that he will ultimately regain his dignity."



Pooty-Poot and Jiang "Jianger" Zemin share touching tyrannus moment with each other. (image via traditioninacton)

Out: The Russo-Chinese Alliance. The rich, creamy evil that is the Russo-Chinese alliance has been getting rather uppity of late. Yesterday, they called in Donald Rumsfeld over basing arrangements in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan (Draculesque laughter). Quoth the Old Gray Lady:

"The two countries, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, had joined Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan earlier this month in demanding that the United States set a deadline for withdrawing from military bases in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Those installations have played a pivotal role in American military operations in Afghanistan since late 2001.

"After meeting with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, the Kyrgyz defense minister, Lt. Gen. Ismail Isakov, said at a news conference with Mr. Rumsfeld in Bishkek that the American military could keep using Manas Air Base, outside the Kyrgyz capital, for cargo and refueling missions as long as the security situation in Afghanistan remained unstable.

"'Once there is stabilization, there will be no need...'"

And then, China and Russia can resume the centuries-old Central Asian pastime of raping and pillaging "The Stans" of their oil and mineral-rich economies in earnest. Uzbekistan, in particular, has all of the elements in Dmitri Mendeleev's periodic table.

Then again, considering that Afghanistan's recent history includes 20 years of continuous war, maybe Rummy brought off a keeper of a deal.

In: Morph Blog. The Corsair is guest-blogging (every Tuesday, for a few more weeks) at the Morph blog of the Media Center at the American Press Instuitute, so if you are a media type interested in the TV Guide revamping, go here.

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