Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fuck 50 Cent?


(image via worth1000)

Our favorite rapper who has a 30-page tour rider ("cold slaw"?!), Fitty Cent is back on the firing line (The Corsair suddenly ducks), metaphorically speaking that is. First, Nas has issued his much anticipated response via "MC Burial," according to

"Nas� long-awaited response to 50 Cent�s 'Piggy Bank' has finally been released Monday as a diss track titled, 'MC Burial.'

�'They say Jada defeated him, Joe too street for him / So I guess now it�s time for Nas to ether him,� Nas declares. �It�s on nigga, I�ma bury �em / these niggas don�t want beef, they�re vegetarian.'

"On a slowed and altered 'Ordinary People' backdrop, Nas spits fierce lines in 50�s direction.
On 'MC Burial' Nas retaliates with : 'You�re a sucker for death if I�m a sucker for love.'

Well, The Corsair's a sucker for Harvie and Hudson cotton shirts. They're on like Grey Poupon. But if all that "talking greazy" is not enough, according to the 3AM Girls:

"The fellas fell out in March when Fiddy kicked his former mate out of hip-hop group G Unit. And at least one of them is still jolly cross.

"A 3am mole on a recent trip to Dublin tells us: 'The Game now signs all of his autographs with the words F*** 50 Cent at the bottom. It's not really very original but I suppose it gets his point across.'"

So, uh, it's about time to be breaking out those crisp bulletproof jackets, The Corsair supposes?

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