Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CBS News' 24 Hour Broadband Network


Finally -- it's about time! -- CBS Digital dropped the virtual gauntlet, and kicked things up a notch. Words like "philosophical shift" and "cable bypass" are presently being bandied about. Late this summer CBSNews will get some digital upgrades. According to Adrants:

"In a move that acknowledges the shift in news consumption from TV to the web, CBS News has announced plans for the launch of a 24-hour, broadband news network which will become the centerpiece of the network's news delivery platform. The new CBSNews.com site will include broadband video, a weblog, called 'Public Eye,' written by Vaughn Ververs and on-air reporters will produce online segments throughout the day."

There are many reasons why this is an excellent move on the part of CBS Digital: 1) Vaughn Ververs, who will serve as a conduit between blog readers and CBS News brass holds himself to the highest ethical online standards and is well respected. And, we might add, tastefully controversial when the occasion merits. 2) The blog will give CBSNews some well-needed transparency in their news-gathering and reporting process. 3) It will attract a younger audience (Does anyone other than nostalgic seniors watch the Evening News?) 4) Round the clock reporting (A 30-Minute broadcast simply cannot compete in the 24/7 news cycle) 5) The "cable bypass" strategy will allow workers in their desks to access the news frequently. 6) Buzz.

"CBS Digital Media and CBS News today announced plans for a major expansion of CBSNews.com, creating a 24-hour, multi-platform digital news network, bypassing cable television in favor of the nation's fastest-growing distribution system -- broadband."

Interesting. The Corsair is especially intrigued about the idea of CBS News correspondents reporting exclusively over the web. How d'you like them apples, Brian Williams?

"The joint announcement was made by Larry Kramer, President, CBS Digital Media, and Andrew Heyward, President, CBS News."

"...CBS EVENING NEWS anchor Bob Schieffer will host a daily online version of his television broadcast and CBS News' White House correspondents -- John Roberts, Bill Plante and Mark Knoller -- will produce weekly features to address viewers' and users' questions about their beat. EARLY SHOW Anchors Harry Smith, Hannah Storm, Julie Chen and Rene Syler will also provide online programming. Additionally, 'Listening Post,' the site's web-exclusive look at issues around the world and why they're important, will be expanded with reporting from Baghdad, Tokyo, Rome, Tel Aviv and London, among other newsworthy locations."

Also, recently, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Larry Kramer, president of the digital-media arm of Viacom's CBS, believes the new options work best when they are closely tied to the thing that gave them a spark in the first place: traditional TV programs. CBS is considering, for instance, giving a computer and video camera to a participant in one of its reality shows so that the person could operate a blog. That would provide product-placement opportunities for a computer manufacturer and video camera maker, both on the Web and on TV, he says.

"CBS also might be able to get an advertiser to sponsor the blog. 'If you use several things in concert you get a much stronger lift,' he says.

"'There are a lot of advertisers looking for creative answers. It reminds me of the early days of the Web,' says Mr. Kramer. 'Everyone wants to do it, and they are not exactly sure how to do it yet.'"



slyboots2 said...

So what does our favorite Pirate dude have to say about Turd Blossom's little "mess"? Please share!

Ron said...

There are so many messes out there, sly, you have to be more specific! --R

slyboots2 said...

I was just thinking about the whole Karl Rove putting jounalists indirectly in the pokey. (I hear rumblings that he's the anon tipster, etc.) I enjoy your analysis, and was wondering what you were thinking about all of that.

Ron said...

ah, I'm adressing that as we "speak"

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