Monday, October 24, 2005

Cindy Does HIFF


(image via NYMag/ Mary Ellen Mark)

We'll cop to a harmless little obsession with the New York Post's Cindy Adams. Today Cindy Adams cannes ... and does -- the Hampton's International Film Fest! (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) We didn't attend (Averted Gaze). Rain, out-of-season, (Muttered under The Corsair's breath) lack of invite; what have you, whatever (The Corsair downs his sherry). But we do love a whole lotta bunches that saucy lady who lunches, who says, in passing:

"SOUTHAMPTON. This weekend was the 13th annual Hamptons Film Festival ... This rainy weekend bodies belonging to Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Roy Scheider, Bob Balaban sloshed from Sag Harbor to Montauk to see 27 world premieres, 23 U.S. premieres, four North American premieres, 18 East Coast premieres, seven New York premieres."

We are snared, unfortunately, on the disturbing visual of a drenched Cindy Adams -- "Cin," as we call her -- cradling her shivering lapdog out on the Eastern tip of Long Island. Make it stop (The Corsair says in a faint, cracked voice) make it stop:

"... Liza Minnelli � who was headlining here, who had a party and dinner thrown for her by Showtime's Matt Blank, whose 1972 restored 'Liza With a Z' TV special was a hot ticket here, whose producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron had a stretch limo for her � was bunking with her dentist, Dr. Lazar. Me, I was sponging on marketing and p.r. exec Robert Zimmerman."
How very "meta," that (The Corsair pours himself another glass of dry Sherry). Seems like everything about Liza has been restored (her movies, her ex-husband, &c):

"... It was parties upon parties ... In between everyone � from Councilman Eric Gioia to international p.r. man Peter Brown to Anne Hearst to Jay McInerney, who told whoever was listening that he has a book coming out in January ..."

Hmm. We'll pass over in pregnant silence the age-old adage about authors who discuss at length their upcoming "productions" (Averted Gaze) and grade the boldfacers aforementioned as decidedly "C" -- a respectable, gentemanly C, to be sure; but still a C for Cin. More:

"� there was always Alec Baldwin. Wherever you went, Alec Baldwin. The guy was everyplace. Like crab grass. He had an appetizer at the Palm, entree at Nick & Toni's, salad somewhere in Wainscott, and said, 'This festival is like a ski trip in Aspen. Everyone you see you make plans to have dinner with.' And then he raced off to dessert in Amagansett."

Charmed, we're sure. Alec Baldwin is everywhere; even all-up in the Arianna's blogosphere, via HuffPo. Also mentioned, later: Is Alan Cummings wearing a "fancy black wig," or, as he describes it, "they put this Veronica Webb weave on me." (Averted Gaze)

Oh what a tangled Webb we weave -- More "Cin" here.

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