Monday, October 31, 2005

Jude-Sienna-Sadie: WTF?!


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It's enough to give an enquiring mind a case of cognitive vertigo, Jude Law's lawless lovelife is. Editrixes at Conde Nast can presently pout in the Gehryteria once again over their "foreign African-American" cusine (We'd suggest the deviled eggs). First Jude cheated with the Nanny. Then, the Six Commandments were issued. Then, Sienna was found to have cheated with the Blond Bond and Jude dumped her. Then she caused a scene, turning "Puce" after Law was spotted with latina bombshelll Salma Hayek. Then there were reports of a thawing with the deliciously melancholy Sadie Frost and Jude (?!!), despite the fact -- mirabile dictu -- that she was the one who found out the Nanny was cheating through her son! (!!)

And now ... according to the extrememely downmarket NewsoftheWorld, Jude and Sienna may be back on together:

"... In yet another twist to their on-off relationship, both emerged from his north London home on Saturday afternoon after spending the night together.

"They hoped to take a taxi but when they realised newsmen were outside the pair quickly changed their plans.

"As they walked down the path Jude told Sienna: 'You go in the taxi, I'll take the car.' Sienna replied: 'But there are people out there.' Jude told her: 'Don't worry, it'll be fine.'"

"A source close to the couple told me: 'We just can't keep up with what's going on.'"

Neither can The Corsair. The full report here.


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