Thursday, November 13, 2003

Six Degrees of Nicolette Sheridan

It seems that everyone in Hollywood is seperated by Six Degress ... of Nicolette Sheridan, that is. As a media wag recently remarked, it seems that everyone in Hollywood has had a crack at her. I mean, what do Harry Hamlin, Marcus Allen, Scott Baio and Leif Garrett, James Woods and countless others have in common? Nicolette, of course! Nicolette even shows up in You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again -- the bio by a bunch of Heidi Fleiss ex- hookers. Of course she wasn't hooking, but she was hooking up with Marcus Allen, whose, uh, "member" was so large that Nic, well, had to invite people to witness it. Everyone's all-american girl; that little (Averted Gaze) "slice o' heaven."

Nicole has a higher proportion of actors and sports stars on her list than most people. She likes to date the famous. I mean, has anyone else ever become famous for the person they are dating? Then again, Nicolette Sheridan is not exactly famous -- she's Lifetime movie famous. Or, almost famous. Whatever.

Let's play Six Degrees of Nicolette Sheridan with, hmmm, Dean Cane.

I'd personally go the Brooke Shields route on that one.

Brookie lost her virginity to Dean Cane at Princeton. Brooke dated Michael Bolton. And Bolton dated ... yes, there you have it ... Nicolette Sheridan. All roads in Hollywood lead to Nicolette.

Let's all make this game the new fad and forget that silly Paris Hilton sex tape.