Monday, November 24, 2003

James Wolcott Loves Majestik Magnificent

Ah, Sunday afternoon with The Corsair: a strong Kenyan coffee (bold ... yet unpretentious ...), the monsterous New York Times Sunday edition sprawled across the apartment, blueberry muffins half munched ... and the piece de la resistance: CNN's Reliable Sources with Howie Kurtz.

We fess up to our media geekiness.

This Sunday, Vanity Fair's James Wolcott, easily one of the best essayists in the english language (we love you, Wolcott, we even find that anti-Soprano stance groovy), professed a secret love.

Now, you ask, what could an esteemed writer like Wolcott find to love? Brian De Palma(okay, The Corsair did think that Wolcott was a bit wacky for claiming that B-movie schlock king Di Palma was the best living filmmaker; we reserve that for Ingmar Bergman) ? No, no, no: Wolcott said that he loved Michael Jackson's eccentric personal clown, Magestik Magnificent . Think: P Diddy's Farnsworth Bentley, but even more loyal and odd.

Howie Kurtz's eyes glazed over in a "nobody's home" kind of way when Wolcott layed out his pop culture street cred. What the fuck is a Magestik Magnificent, Howie seemed to be pleading out at us across the ethers before he sped along with another question.

But we at The Corsair know, James Wolcott, we too cannot get enough.

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