Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Charlie Rose Drinking Game

The art of the interview is to draw out the subject while the interviewer recedes into the background. Although Charlie Rose delivers the goods on any given weekday, he uses the first person singular personal pronoun often. Excedingly often. Okay: all the damned time. Charlie, thank you for giving us those great interviews with Kiefer Sutherland and David Westin and John Kerry, but honestly: It's not all about you. All those I's and me's Charlie, puh-lease.

So, in the spirit of Charlie Rose's energetic use of the first person singular personal pronoun, The Corsair proposes The Charlie Rose Drinking Game. It's late at night, it was a hard day at work, you are about to go to bed and Charlie is interviewing some Master of the Universe -- so why not have a drinkie poo on the Chuckster? Every time Charlie uses the first person singular personal pronoun, down a shot.

And don't use any of the cheap stuff, ladies and gentlemen, this is Charlie Rose and that whole "corridors of power Illuminati Trilateral Commission" thingie we're talking about. You better recognize.

If you are still conscious after the drinking game, then you are a candidate for the Jared Paul Stern Ironman Drinkie-poo competition.

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