Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Empire's End

(image via timeinc)

It almost sounds like the sort of thing Tacitus had his Roman Senators fuming against as the Julio-Claudian dynasty descended into absolute decadence. The young aristocrats -- who are supposed to represent the best of their civilization -- are, in fact, duds. In a perfect world Nicky Hilton, wealthy, of a prominent family, would be educated, stoic, conservative but with a marked humanitarian streak. Instead, Nicky represents everything loathsome about privilege without merit. From PageSix:

"NICKY Hilton continues to prove money can't buy class. The hotel heiress and boyfriend David Katzenberg were spotted sitting outside East Hampton club Lily Pond Saturday night, 'watching people try to get inside and laughing at them when they were rejected,' said our spy. Instead of having a good time inside during the Absolut Vodka party, Hilton 'stayed outside, hysterically laughing every time someone wasn't let in. She was loving it.' Finally, the tipster told us, Katzenberg 'dragged Nicky inside' where she partied until 1 a.m."

Stupid and callous is no way to go through life, Nicky.

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