Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Robin Quivers Orders $800 Bottle Of Wine

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Perhaps Jay Leno has stumbled onto something. Thew Howard Stern Show is rooted in the idea of being Everymen. They entertain the working class with the soap operaish minutiae of their lives which, up until now, have been pretty much not unlike ours (excepting the $5.9 million Manhattan condo). Jay Leno, however, recently brought up the fact that Stern's $80 million a year salary and the move to satellite has diminished the Average Joe nature of the show to The New York Times. Jay clealry knows how to go after the jugular, attempting to separate Stern from his audience.

On yesterday's Howard Stern show Howard teased sidekick Robin Quivers that when he recently took her and the guys out she ordered an $800 bottle of wine. Robin fancies herself a bit of a wine dandy. From HowardStern:

"Howard said he had dinner with the crew over last weekend and allowed Robin to order the wine - only to find out she had ordered an $800 bottle: 'I looked at the bill and it took my breath away." Howard laughed that one would have been ok, but it took three bottles to serve the whole table, bringing the wine tab to over $2,400. Robin explained that she ordered a special wine for a special occasion ('You should've ordered yourself!'), adding: 'I don't even look at the price when I take you out. I pay.'

"Robin claimed she was going to pay Howard back for the cost of the wine: 'I'm going to give it to you and you're going to take it.' Howard insisted that he would never accept Robin's check, so Robin repeated: 'I don't care what you say. I'm paying for the bring this up is very rude. Don't take me to dinner ever again.'"

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