Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brody Jenner, Howard Stern Agree: Bruce Ruined His Face

(image via mtv)

Hollywood "Toyboy" Brody Jenner -- he is famous for who conceived him and who he dates -- was on the Howard Stern Show. His dad, former Olympic runner Bruce Jenner, is that sour-looking but profoundly realistic father-figure on E!'s addictive "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." He of the sour puss; the Khardashian girls of the minxy, pillowy Armenian curves and wildly unrealistic understandings of how the world actually works (teaching them, scowlingly, is Bruce). From

"Brody Jenner stopped by to promote MTV's 'Bromance' - and Howard speculated that he was good-looking enough to have a significant power over women. Brody said he realized he was good looking when he was only 14 and already doing well with women. Howard asked about Brody's 'screwy Hollywood childhood,' and Brody explained that his dad was Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, mom was songwriter Linda Thompson and step-dad was recording industry legend David Foster. Howard wondered if Brody had a hard time growing up with Sara Foster and Kim Kardashian as step-sisters, but Brody, clearly used to the question, deflected nicely. Howard tried a different angle, asking Brody if he was disturbed, like most people, by all the plastic surgery his father, Bruce Jenner, has had done to his face. Brody opened up: 'I thought it. I've seen pictures of him back in the day...I'm right there with you.'"

Resolved: Bruce Jenner has ruined his face with "the surgery."

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