Friday, November 07, 2003

Jazzy: The Dog That Just Keeps Giving

Yesterday The Corsair came down hard on Cindy Adams' deceased lapdog and faithful companion Jazzy. Admittedly, coming down on a dead eight pound pooch with the full wit and ironical resources of The Corsair seems a bit much. But Cindy couldn't leave well enough alone, could she?

And so with my morning coffee I was assaulted once again by a full page devoted to that annoying Yorkshire Terrier, Jazzy. A picture of the moist eyed mutt interrupting my french toast. Even in death that dog has found a way to get under our skin! Adams writes:

"My pain was such that I lay in bed in a fetal position. I told almost no one because I couldn't stand it. Or understand it. I still don't. The trainer he's known since the Dec. 9, 1999, day he came to me has an upstate farm. He went for the weekend with his Yorkie sister, Juicy. He never came back to me. Sunday he was dead."

Okay, let's gloss over the fact that Cindy named the other damned dog Juicy. Let's leapfrog Juicy for a moment. Why is Cindy in the fetal position? I know that a beloved pet's death can hurt, but wouldn't her sympathies better serve the people of the Phillipines who suffered under the Marcoses while Adams was defending them in print to US audiences?

In her new book The Gift of Jazzy she recounts the gory details thusly:

"They said blood and everything was coming out from everywhere."

Only in New York, kiddies, only in New York!

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