Saturday, November 15, 2003

It's Official: Cindy Adams Is a Picklehead

Coddler of dictators, purveyor of perfume, dog lover, all around annoying media persona and Park Avenue doyenne Cindy Adams did not get that 40 minute exclusive with Fred Durst. The Daily News' Richard T. Pienciak reports:

"It's bull----, but you know, that's the Post," said an angry Dick DeGuerin. "Those quotes are fabricated."

DeGuerin (who is aptly named and Fred Durst's attorney) claims that his client was tricked into a 45 second conversation by Debrah Charatan, his second wife. But Cindy said she had four ten minute conversations with Durst on the phone from his Galveston, Texas jail cell. Hmmm. There's something fishy going on here. Could it be that like the dictators Cindy Adams favors, she could be going in for the noble lie? Say it aint so, Jazzy ... say it aint so ....

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