Monday, January 03, 2005

Usher's Superhead

According to NewsoftheWorld (and reported last week in the excellent Gatecrasher):

"Curvy Karrine Steffans boasts that the R&B megastar always comes to HER for real thrills, often acting out his kinky fantasy of having dominating sex with 'a stranger.'


"The 26-year-old who revels in the nickname Superhead admits she was just as hungry for Usher when their affair began in October, two weeks AFTER the singer began his on/off romance with Naomi."

We'd suggest the sobriquet "chickenhead," rather than "superhead," on account of it's more accurate. Wew shall procede ...

"With a wicked smile she confessed: 'I just wanted to devour him and eat him up ... so I did!

"'I hadn't been with a man for months. I gave him the best sex of my whole life!'"

Be all that you can be Karrine.

"Karrine, who was in the movie A Man Apart with Vin Diesel, insists catwalk queen Naomi can NEVER count Usher as hers alone.

"'Naomi's delusional if she thinks she's Usher's only girlfriend,' warned 36D-24-36 Karrine.

"'Usher leads his life as a young, rich, handsome, single man and no one is his girl.

Oh yes, hootchie mama, explain the ways of rich men to the naive Naomi Campbell, enlighten her on the subject ...

"'I've always known that I'm not the only one but I know that I'm the best at sex, which is why he just keeps coming back to me.'

"...A chance encounter at the W hotel in Los Angeles last autumn re-ignited the passion.

"'I was having dinner with friends without even realising Usher was also there in the VIP section,' said Karrine.

"'As I left at about 1.30am this guy beckoned me over and said, My name's Keith. I work for Usher and he'd like a moment of your time, if you don't mind. Follow me.'"

Swell, elegant ... swellegant!

"'That was the first time I'd seen Usher in ages, but that's how it all started up again.'

A Last Year in Marienbad scenario, to be sure -- what a swell guy.

"Next night the 25-year-old star called and invited Karrineto his 17th floor room at the St Regis Hotel.

"'I arrived at 3am and best friend Keith let me in,' said Karrine. 'But I was taken aback to see two young girls walk out just as I was going in.

"'Usher was in the bathroom sitting on the sink. He had on jeans, a white tank top and all his jewellery and he looked just beautiful."

Just washing up a little for Round 7 ...

"'We talked for a while then moved into the living room ... and I went into action.

"'But right in the middle of it Usher wanted to put a condom on. At first I thought he was just playing safe, but over the next few months he'd do the same thing again and again.

"As we met up regularly I came to realise this was his kick. If you're having sex with a stranger you put on a condom?and Usher likes to make out that's what he's doing.

Whoah! Talk about serious self-delusion. The self-confessed woman nicknamed "Superhead" wonders why a guy might wanta little bit of protection. Self preservation never filters into her fevered imagination. She won't entertain the possibility that he considers her freak of the week.

"He also liked me to keep my clothes on through foreplay, pretending we were unfamiliar with each other."

An "unfamiliarity" he carried out, no doubt (Averted Gaze), with "particular aplomb" the next time she saw him on the streets of Manhattan and tried to approach him, to get him to stop and chat, with her skank brigade in tow.

"And he'd get a thrill from people seeing us having sex. Sometimes his security would walk in when we were making out on the couch. Often they'd ask a question, he'd answer and just carry on having sex with me. He enjoys this kind of voyeurism. I think it makes him feel bigger as a man."

Thank you, "Superhead," The Anna Freud Professor Emeritus at Carvell's College of Knowledge.
"Karrine, who appears in Usher's latest video, admitted sex second time around with him is nothing like their early days.

"'Back then he was a very different guy,' she recalled. 'He'd jump in his big black truck and drive me to get sandwiches.

"'We'd fool around in the recording studio and make love there night after night.

"'While he was singing his heart out, I'd be in the booth making him hit those high notes! Once we had sex on a grand piano."

He started, largo, "tapping the Low A" -- if you know what The Corsair means, teehee; picked up the pace, moderato accelerando, in the intervening measures; and ended -- a little too briskly for her tastes -- we imagine, ignominiously, presto, "that's it"? *Only kidding* Actually:

"He was always more concerned about me and how I was feeling. He's well-endowed but always very sensitive to my needs ? very sensual and amazingly in tune with my body.

"'Now he's more concerned about himself. He has this power thing going on, orders me to do stuff and is very dominating. And when he talks to me during sex, he likes to demean me. He's even had another woman waiting for him in another room while we've been making love. At first I didn't realise, but now that I know I'd just leave on principle.'"

The Corsair deeply ponders the "principles" of "Superhead."

"Pictures of Usher cosying up to Naomi Campbell have been splashed all over the world, but Karrine has no doubts SHE is the pop star's favourite.

"'Just over a week ago I got a phone call from Keith asking me to set up a sexy surprise for the boss,' she told us."

Hands for Keith, ladies and gentlemen, for his Herculean labors cleaning the filthy Augean stables that is Usher's Vida Loca. His official title on his tax forms ought to be "Usher's Trim Coordinator"

"'He said Usher was on the set of his new movie, Dying For Dolly, filming up in the hills. He wanted me to go with them to pick him up.

"'Now my feeling is, if your best friend picks a surprise treat for you he's going to pick the one thing he knows you like most."

Definition of Rationalization: A defense mechanism where one believes or states an acceptable explanation for a behavior as opposed to the real explanation.

"'So I went to the Park Hyatt Hotel, got in the back seat of their car, took off all my clothes, put on a white bathrobe and headed for the set."

(An artful pause) Damn.

"'When Usher saw me he was stunned. I had my robe wide open and asked him, Had a hard day?

"He gave me the biggest smile and said, ?Well, actually I did.' Then we proceeded to have our fun on the way back to the hotel.

"He just kept repeating ?This is real nice' over and over. He was happy. I was happy.

"When we got back to the hotel that's how we walked through the lobby?with me wearing nothing but my bathrobe and Usher's manager, Terence, behind us holding my clothes like a butler."

Ladies and gentleman, a thousand studied bows and curtsies for Terence, no -- haha -- not Publius Terentius, Terence, Usher's bitch, the one who holds the hoochie mama's attire (Averted Gaze) while the game is afoot:

"Everyone was staring, but I guess they just figured it was Usher doing his superstar thing. Still, our relationship isn't just about sex."

Definition of Rationalization: A defense mechanism ....

"'Usher's a friend as well. We talk?but never about Naomi.

A defense mechanism ... where one believes or states an acceptable explanation

"'Usher doesn't talk about her because she's not important to him. If she was, he wouldn't be with me.

... for a behavior as opposed to the real explanation.

"'I don't think Naomi's anything more to him than a great photo opportunity.'

"'I mean, even I would go out with her for a photo opportunity!'"

Dear, not to put too fine a point on it, you'd go with Regis Philbin for a photo opportunity.

Update: The Most Cool BabyGirlzBitchbox has a NYPost article on groupies.


Rachel said...

That's scary, and sad. Very very sad.

Baby Girl said...

This must be the weekend of groupies running their mouths. I posted the NYP article talking about the hoochies blabbing in Ozone magazine. This girl takes the cake, is she really this delusional? "I'm his favorite", favorite easy lay, silly chick.

The Corsair said...

Hey! I want blogger groupies! I'll even give them cool nicknames, like Karrina!

Baby Girl said...

You are such a man! I've got the Ozone Mag article on my site, if your curious.

Anonymous said...

wowowowo.... I no longer have any respect for usher.Thats just plain NASTY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I have not read this screwed up "memoir"...I only recently learned about superho, but I too say she is a sad, sad, sad individual. As an adult MI therapist I must say...get some help baby--and fast. Not having read this book, I must say that my opinion is biased, but she sounds proud of her "accomplishments"...I have read that she is on a "duty to warn young girls" kick which is what prompted the book project. From the articles and comments I have read, it seems more like a payday to me. I understand she has a child also, as unprofessional as I can get: that shit is hardcore fucked up! DSS and CPS get in there and snatch that kid up, now! This is how rapist and abusers are reared, being exposed to sexual promiscuity, abuse, neglect, and mental anguish. This chick is way fucked up and definitely with arrested development..probably had a fucked up childhood and possibly a victim of sexual abuse. My diagnosis for her: PTSD and possibly some personality disorders.

Anonymous said...

She knew what she was doing just because of what happend to her when she was a child dosent mean she has to prostute her self to the rich & famous.She is a superho.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of jealous females here. Only somebody who's jealous would be ragging on this woman because she gets the last laugh. 7 million dollars? What are worth? Will you ever see 7 figures in your life?

Anonymous said...

Capitalization of a Video Vixen
I know I'm late but I just read excerpts from the book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" by Karrine Steffans and WOW. It was painful. While this book has been touted as an expose of the seedy underbelly of Hip-Hop video girls and a cautionary tale to those who would hear, it's not. First of all if you want to see the underbelly of Hip-Hop, ironically, all you have to do is look at the videos. The book is really a thinly-veiled, kiss and tell, name-dropping train wreck starring the author.

While Steffans does share her abusive history, she seems determined to romanticize her encounters with some of hip-hops biggest names. Its as if she's saying, "I may be a whore but I'm a special whore." Certainly, Steffans is tough as nails. You have only to know half of what she's endured to get what she's got to know that fact. However, I think it ought to be real clear that she was not victimized by the industry. Everything she did she chose to do in a calculating and self-serving way. The men had the money and attention. She did what she had to do to get it. She is doing the same thing with this book.

God knows the images and culture Hip-Hop videos foster need to be addressed and challenged. We African-American women need to find and be an effective voice against the onslaught of irreverent and demeaning poison that has taken over most of the musical genre. Starting in our own households. And while this book, through it's sheer ability to breed curiosity, may foster discussion on the topic, it is not a cautionary tale. It is the story of a woman willing to do whatever it takes to be rich and famous. Go for what you know but call it what it is. Below are some links to interviews with Karinne Steffans.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad how WOMEN contribute to the gender double standards...Yeah she is/was nasty but come on now those guys are not innocent...It's not cool for guys to sleep around least God will judge us the same :(

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanna say Fucc all of yall that hate on Karrine. I don't see nothing wrong with what she's doing, so stop hatin' hoes, please. Who are you to judge anyway?Let her do her, shit. I know its plenty of women that fucc nobody ass nothin ass men and gets nothin, while she fuccin celebrities and gettin that cake, so yall wanna hate! Well B1tches get ya pussie game up and maybe you could get on her level!! And anybody don't like what I had to say about this, please, feel free to hit me up on myspace at and I will be more than happy to address yo ass!! Much love to you Superhead! Keep doin you Karrine and shake off these hatin ass b1tches that will neva eva eva eva be able to get on your level! peace

Anonymous said...

poor dear....maybe she should of just talked to God before writing that book....I read, what can I say, it just doesnt seem like the whole truth somehow.

Anonymous said...

This message is for the chickenhead supporters seems as if your so upset because you dont think theres nothing wrong I've been in videos and never slept with anyone met rich and famous still didn't sleep around Im a mother and I was raised classy my body is my temple and not just any man no matter the price is not going to abuse it now im married well off and still have the same morales when u grow up or have a daughter you will realize without your self respect you dont have anything the single people are lonely they have no one to call there own or vice versa anyway ladies have some class this will be my last blog because I have nothing to prove Im secure in mine

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Usher is well-endowed now i know because Chilli wants him back and said wanted a yatch lol

Anonymous said...

i always though that usher was a bad boy