Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Hasn't Anderson Cooper Hosted SNL Yet?

Now that we have managed, through grit and gumption and Facebook to secure Betty White her due, we must collectively turn our attention to Anderson Cooper. Someone interesting once said that one is not famous in America until they have been lampooned on SNL. Anderson Cooper has been already. Now, the question arises: Why hasn't Anderson Cooper hosted SNL yet? "The Coop" clearly is not afraid to show off his sense of humor -- he hosts CNN's New Year's countdown with Kathy Griffin.

Anderson Cooper has, we believe, greater comedic possibilities in him than playing straight man -- no pun intended -- to Griffin at the fin de siecle. And there are so many ways such sketches could go -- Cooper could make fun of his gilded upbringing, Cooper could make fun of the asinine speculation about his sexuality, Cooper could make fun of the fact that he is the son of a mother that is larger-than-life, Cooper could make fun of the fact that he is positively like a West Indian in that he has an incredible number of employment arrangements.

Resolved: Anderson Cooper should host SNL

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