Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe Steve Spielberg has A Right to Be Paranoid?

Page Six is reporting today that Hollywood Princeling Steven Spielberg is pretty paranoid:

Steven Spielberg is so paranoid about security at his office, he keeps a never-used motorcycle permanently parked outside in case he needs to make a getaway, a new book about DreamWorks claims. In 'The Men Who Would Be King,' due May 4 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, former Variety scribe Nicole LaPorte writes of the 'Schindler's List' director, 'His passion for secrecy sometimes suggests a burgeoning near-paranoia.'

Maybe he has a right to be paranoid? Aside from the fact that he -- allegedly -- lost over $100 million (!) in his divorce from his first wife, the deliciously sophisticated Amy Irving, Steven Spielberg once had a very creepy stalker. According to, back in 1998:

Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg on Wednesday testified that he remains deeply "frightened" of the man accused of stalking him, saying that "no one before has ever come into my life in a way to do me harm."

"I think he's on a mission and he won't be satisfied until he accomplishes the mission, and I think I am the subject of the mission," Spielberg said at the trial of Jonathan Norman, who is accused of stalking the film director.

Norman, 31, was arrested in July at Spielberg's Pacific Palisades mansion and is charged with one count of felony stalking.

Police have testified that Norman was carrying handcuffs, duct tape and a box cutter at the time of his arrest. They said his car contained two more sets of handcuffs, razor blades -- items prosecutor Rhonda Saunders called a "rape kit." Authorities also found a notebook stuffed with photos of Spielberg, his wife, actress Kate Capshaw and their seven children.

A police detective testified on Tuesday that Norman told him he was obsessed with Spielberg and wanted to rape him.

I say Spielberg has the Constitutional right to exercise some paranoia. So, um, maybe we want to give Spielberg a little slack if he feels a little safer with a hog at the ready, in case of an impromptu moist Oz-scenario.

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