Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Closing Reception for John Guerrero's Respira at the Milk Gallery

Milk Studios -- one of my favorite spaces in New York -- held a closing exhibition by artist John Guerrero called Respira."Inspired by that which is real yet indefinable, Guerrero is drawn to reveal a breath and rhythm born from the subconscious landscape," says the press release. My favorite piece was "The Inherent Promise of Balance," a cibachrome print delicately balancing red and blue heading downward as if pushed by gravity. It could just as easily be a pelvic x-ray in primary colors. The exhibition is named after "Respira," which is, in my opinion a perfectly fine piece but not nearly as interesting as "The Inherent Promise of Balance."

Cast and Consume, a gelatin silver print, also is a magnificent piece and if I had $5,000 to spare, I'd make it mine. "It begins with a thought. That initial spark of conscious will, from conception, begins to manifest itself through a sequence of events that bear an impact on everything around it. Whether it is on a micro or macro level, the significance is the same," says the program. I spent a lot of time last night drinking this one in while drinking white wine. It is dazzling, expressing genesis and decline as well as the cellular and the cosmic all at once. It has a cold, dark galactic vibe with wisps of starlight suggesting vast, deep space processes taking place.

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