Friday, March 05, 2010

National Arts Club Hosts "The Ladies That Lunch"

Last night the National Arts Club hosted "The Ladies That Lunch," Curated by Stacy Engman. The event was hosted by Ladyfag to celebrate Jeremy Kost, whose work is the subject of an up-coming solo exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Lady Bunny was also there as was Richie Rich.

(images via nbc)

Also in the crowd: Dirty Martini, Kenny Kenny, Koko Aviance, Dionne Thornton, Jordan Fox, Tiffany and Christina of Triskaidekaphobia and SixSixSick. The awesome DJ was Nomi of Hercules and Love Affair.

The mixture of socialites and the downtown scene was quite interesting. Clearly the National Arts Club is trying to get with the times, embrace the next wave of artists, but the contrast of overstuffed chairs and pastoral scenes and, well, the wonderful Ladyfag was ... curious. But it was alll good; it definitely worked. The evening ended when a gentleman started playing piano and me and the woman I was talking to realized that the room was pretty empty. You know it was a good party when you close out the joint.

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