Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CBS' "60 Minutes": The Last Refuge of The Just

Every once in a while the extreme democratic atmospherics in these United States of America -- where, unfortunately, porn stars become actual celebrities and "cute" animal posts garner ridiculous online eyeballs -- rankles. It neglects the more talented; it valorizes the stupid.

Still -- there is always "60 Minutes." Notwithstanding Andy Ronney's unholy fuckwittage, the show is relentlessly outstanding. It stands head and shoulders above the other "talent in the room." That is why it is always excellent when the investigative reporting of the show dominates the Nielsen ratings. It is almost as if, if only for a minute, that The Good triumphs over The Assy. From TVNewser:

Basketball and sharks helped make "60 Minutes" the 5th most-watched show of the week last week. The program brought in 14.49M Total Viewers -- its best since January 17. Sunday's show, which had the Duke-Baylor game as its lead-in, included Steve Kroft's profile of Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov and Anderson Cooper's report on great white shark expert Mike Rutzen.

I have a pet theory that it was not the NCAA, but the fate of whether our favorite Silver Fox, Anderson "Dying Apollo" Cooper would survive his encounter with the Great White sharks.

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