Thursday, March 04, 2010

Michael Musto's 25th Anniversary Party

Still recovering from Michael Musto's 25th Anniversary party in which 550 of his closest friends celebrated him. Michael, like me, is shy. It is a beautiful irony that a shy guy has become the epicenter of downtown New York nightlife. In attendance were a feisty Joan Rivers (who made the rounds with several handlers), Dame Edna, Robert Verdi, Ben Widdicombe, "Real Housewives" star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Chris Rovzar, Robin Byrd, Paper's Caroline Torem Craig and the highest concentration of drag queens in the Western World.

Paper's Mickey Boardman, who was there, said, eloquently, at the Nightlife 2009 party that everyone in the room remembers when their name made it into Musto's column. Truer words were never said about New York nightlife.

At one point in the party the unruly crowd parted so that burlesque dancer Dirty Martini could "tassel" Michael. "Who invited a stripper to a Michael Musto party?" the nightlife legend deadpanned. "Everyone that's here is someone who wasn't loved enough as a child," he told The Observer. "But we create this family here, where everything is accepted, you know, and we all accept each other for the same things we used to get made fun of."

The wonderful 230 Fifth event space may be my new favorite spot. It is right up there with Tribeca Skyline studios.

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