Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jon Stewart Spanks C-Span Host

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Fear of a Black C-SPANet
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Earlier in the week, a racist caller was met with an almost pharmacologically-friendly response from the C-Span host. You've got to sort of give it up for those C-Span hosts. Those are some patient fuckers. The all seem to have that affable, preternaturally Brian-Lamblike demeanor. Where do they find them?

While we understand that, yes, we live in a democracy -- not all ideas are equal. As peaceable as it is to watch "Washington Journal" -- where civility reigns -- in the mornings, it is not alright to allow anti-Semites, racists, chauvanists and schizoids to rant unchallenged. And while C-Span's allowing of "the freaks" to vent might just let out some of America's excess gaseous steam, that process also appears, apparently, to give an eerie acceptance of those errant ideas.

The Manga-eyed Susan Swain is particularly noteworthy, letting even the most batshit crazy callers get out their most cringe-worthy points without batting an eye. "Thank you, caller," she says, charmingly, to everyone, treating John Bircher's and Larouchies alike as intellectually equivalent to a sober, moderate voter with a legitimate point on public policy.

But we cannot fail to note Peter Slen's eerie narcotic calmness as well as Steve Scully's catatonic dreaminess and, of course, it wouldn't be C-Span without Greta Wodele's almost depersonalized, woozy gaze.

Edmund Burke once said: ""All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

Thanks Jon Stewart, once again, for saying what rational people have been thinking.

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Anonymous said...

racist is just a word used against whites. which means calling a white racist is racist. the white guy made a perfectly valid point, i.e. a disproportionately large number of blacks were calling in, and many on the republican line. c-span shouldn't allow that.

the c-span hosts are correct not to show any emotion, since anti-racism is a marxist ideology and the hosts are told to appear non-ideological.