Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cobrasnake Marc Hunter Jumps Turnstile, Gets Summons

(Leyla Salfi and Marc Hunter laughing at the squares via @kimpaper)

Our pal and former employer the awesome Kim Hastreiter, founder of Paper magazine just posted on her Facebook page, "Lunch yesterday with my friends heartsrevolutions Leyla Salfi and Cobrasnakes Marc Hunter who arrived late cos they got arrested on the way for sneaking into the subway. Check out how cute they are with their summons! LOL"

Turnstile jumping, if you didn't know, in NYC is an honored tradition -- usually among athletic, bohemian twentysomethings and rebellious high schoolers -- that often ends with a summons and a punishing fine. I used to do it, even when I used to work at Paper. No longer, though, not for a long while. I've become respectable in my post-bohemian senectitude.

There is, to be sure, something quite funny about someone as culturally significant as Marc now is getting busted and having to be pulled aside by a cop on a crowded subway platform to get his info. Hunter is ironic enough to get the humor, even as the humorless enforce the Wilson-Giuliani broken windows theory (doesn't The Man have anything better to do?). And of course it could only happen on Kim's watch. Funny, interesting things always happen on Kim's watch.

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