Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Corsair To Join The Daily Show Writing Staff

I'd like to thank the readers of this blog for all the support over the past 6 years. Today, fortunately and somewhat unfortunately, will be our last day of blog posting. For good. Fer reals. After today, this blog will be just another piece of unregulated blog flotsam, bobbing to and fro at the mercy of an ocean of icy information. I am proud of what I accomplished here over the years. But this is not a moment for sadness, it is one for looking forward. Starting next week I, Ron Mwangaguhunga, your fearless blogger, will be joining The Daily Show as the new "Blogs Correspondent" -- we're still working on what that means -- and member of the writing staff.

Jon and the staff have been very enthusiastic about my coming aboard, raising the numbers of minorities in the workplace and generally sharing what Mr. Stewart affectionately calls my "strange, bohemian experiences." That guy. I want to say at the outset to my loyal readers that I have not sold out: I bought in. I've got a ticket-to-ride. And rest assured, my peeps, that even as my bank account increases geometrically with each passing week -- I will always keep it real. I will always take time to smell the roses even if that means rolling down the window of my limousine as my driver and I pass a Korean deli. Cause I'm Old School that way.

This is an opportunity that, at my advanced age, I cannot let pass. Let's face it, I'm not a Spring chicken anymore. I'm getting, quite frankly, positively Autumnal *shudders*. Papi can't put back the bourbon like he used to anymore. Waking up in a strange woman's apartment on a Saturday morning next to a tapped pony keg is no longer cute (But if you do think it's cute and you are a "worldly woman," please feel free shoot me an email on Friday). You've got to strike, as they say, while the iron's hot! "But, when I became a man," it says in somewhere in Corinthians, "I put away the things of a child ..." So meaningful, right?

The writing and the Corresponding -- whatever that entails -- will be taking up most of my time, so I cannot in good conscience post with anything remotely resembling the present regularity. And I am too proud of my work here over the years to go out like that. I will not punk this blog. I decided long ago, dear reader, never to walk in anyone's shadow; if I fail, if I succeded, at least I'll live as I believe. (A small closing cough of. feigned detachment). Better to end this bitch on a high, bittersweet note, like Husker Du. To borrow from that significant cultural artifact, RUN DMC: "Going out out out like that I'm not."

I follow, as a new Daily Show Correspondent, in the footsteps of a true comedy giant, Steve Carell. Today: Midtown Manhattan studios; Tomorrow: Hollywood (its not inconceivable). It's been a magnificent 6 years writing this blog, thank you so much for putting up with my sometimes sporadic, sometimes outright silly posts. I will miss the structure that this blog gave to my "wacky" thoughts. I walked the razor's edge without a net, and now television beckons. Onward!

I am new to this sudden opportunity, a bit green really, so be gentle in your comments on my performance. I've delivered enough snark in my life to know that I've got some coming to me. My enemies are everywhere; I'll need you as my media allies, my undercover amigos. If you already watch The Daily Show -- good -- but if you don't, why don't you give it a try. You have good reason now. You've got a man on the inside. And, of course, we could always use the Nielsen's, people.

Seriously: Have you ever had a rollicking belly laugh watching the Charlie Rose show? Me neither. Charlie's so unironic when it comes to the dark gemlike evil that is political and corporate power (sigh). QED: Join me at 11 pm, instead of on your computer screen during the course of the day.

So this is not goodbye, dear sweet reader ....

.... It is APRIL FOOLS (Did you seriously believe that?)!!!

Blog love, XO


Anonymous said...

Ah, I believed it because you're THAT good.


Ron said...

One compliment from sac is worth a thousand anywhere else because of the respect I've built up for you over the years,