Friday, April 23, 2010

The Media Moguls On CharityBuzz

If in this economy you happen to have a few grand laying around, there are some great media experiences to be had on CharityBuzz. The money, we cannot fail to note, goes to some good causes -- The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights -- so that takes care of your karma. The auction has already started, the lots are now open and it ends April 29th. Interesting sociological occurrences and new media realities occur in that zone. For example, The Currently placed bid for a 2 Week Internship with Vanity Fair Magazine on CharityBuzz? $650. Currently placed bid for an Internship at The Huffington Post on CharityBuzz? $5,000! If you know what that actually means, feel free to tell me.

Also up for grabs is a visit to Martha Stewart's mansion in Bedford The estimated value (and, no, I don't know how they calculated that) is $20,000, but the Currently Placed Bid is $5,001. For a Minimum Next Bid of $5,501, you have a good chance of chillaxing with a bona fide media mogul. Who knows? She may even regale you with tales of the big house.

Interested in Meeting Anderson Cooper on the Set of 360? A meet with the tragically beautiful and impossibly well born CNN anchor is Item #113622. The Currently Placed Bid by someone calling himself/herself "eccentricattorney" is $2,350. But for a Minimum Next Bid of $2,600, it could be you.

How about 2 Tickets to a Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal? The-Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players are firing on all cylanders this season. The cyclical chatter on whether or not SNL has actually jumped the shark has died down -- for now. The Currently Placed Bid is $1,550. The Minimum Next Bid is $1,800 -- game?

Predictably the most ferocious media bidding is between Meeting Oprah (4 VIP tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show plus a backstage meet and greet and photo opp with Oprah Winfrey) with a Currently Placed Bid of $13,002, and an opportunity to attend a fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week with Vogue's Anna Wintour. The Currently Placed Bid of $12,000. Minimum next bid is in the steep, alpine price range of $13,000. That might be something to tell the grand kids about if you have that kind of scratch lying around.

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