Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Was Ron Jeremy At Fashion Week?

(Ron Jeremy sitting second row at the Tadashi Shoji show on Monday via papermag)

Pornography has an odd connection to Fashion Week. Pam Anderson, after the home sex video, was a part of Richie Rich's fashion week show earlier in the year. Previous to that, in 2007, Jenna Jameson showed up at the tents in New York, looking crazy skinny. There was lots of speculation of an eating disorder (What? Someone in porn could have psychological issues? Heaven forfend!).

And we'll always have Kim Kardashian.

But all of those are hott women. Which leads us to the question: Why was Ron Jeremy -- of all (yuck) people -- at Fashion Week? He sort of destroyed the loveliness. From TheDaily:

"TheDaily: Why are you here?

"Ron Jeremy: Because Libby (Keatinge) from brought me. I love seeing these marvelous outfits that I'll never be able to wear until I lose 100 pounds.

"... The Daily: What do you, fashion and porn have in common?

"Ron Jeremy: There aren't that many clothes in porn, but stylists are always amazed by the designer clothes girls wear to the adult video awards in vegas. They just wear it differently -- a little less underwear, more open buttons?"

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