Monday, September 14, 2009

Dustin Hoffman Turned Down Roles With Fellini, Bergman, Sielberg

Dustin Hoffman -- one of the best actors of his generation -- turned down roles with some of the best directors of all time, including: Fellini, Ingmar Bergman and Steven Spielberg. What is almost more surprising than that revelation is the fact that it took place in -- of all places -- the Howard Stern Show. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard said that it has to be an amazing life to be Dustin Hoffman. He said that when Lily Tomlin had a meltdown on the set of a movie and he had to calm her down, it must have been wild. He said that he took both sides in that argument. He said that fight was over artistic principles.

"Howard said Dustin is one of the best actors out there and he must want to pull the hair out of his head when he works with people like that. He didn't seem to have a problem with it.

"Howard asked Dustin if he thinks that his best role was Rain Man or Tootsie. Dustin wasn't sure. He said that he has done great with a lot of those characters and he really likes them.

"Howard asked Dustin if he has ever turned down roles that he's regretted. Dustin said there isn't just one. He said that there have been a few times that he's turned down roles that he regrets. He said that he has turned down roles to work with Fellini. He said that he'd work with him in a second now. He said he also turned down the chance to work with Ingmar Bergman. Dustin said that Steven Spielberg is a friend and he has turned him down four times too. He turned down Shindler's List and some other stuff. Artie asked if it was the Ben Kingsly role. He said that's what it was."

Not "Inside the Actor's Studio," mind you, the Howard Stern Show. Also, Hoffman mentioned that he was prompted to call in by a friend of his by the name of Adam Fox.

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