Thursday, September 24, 2009 Launch Party

I write for in the mornings (which might explain why I've been light posting here recently). AirAmerica is the online presence of Air America Radio, a Progressive network featuring Ron Reagan, Jr., Montel Williams and NY Daily News columnist Errol Lewis. Last night we had our launch party, at this insanely large apartment. The question of the evening was, "Is this a gallery, or does someone actually live here?"

The crowd was interesting. Lots of Air America radio executives (they wore suits). I actually met a few online friends for the first time. Baratunde Thurston of TheOnion is absolutely hilarious. I finally met Ana Marie Cox, after years of tangential connections. And I reconnected with the amazing, brilliant Liza Sabater, who had interesting observations on the incredible art collection of our host. Spotted Matt Caldecutt, who is something of a socialite (Or is that "brocialite"). Conspicuous in his absence was Mark Green, previously President of Air America radio, now in a close race for NYC Public Advocate.

Briefly chatted with Ron Kuby, civil libertarian, who is now defending one of the alleged Queens terrorists. The man can hold his liquor. Also there was Ron Reagan, Jr. -- very, very cool -- and Montel Williams, less cool, more reserved. Rachel Sklar was there, looking -- I must say -- very glam in a sexy black gown. Also spotted: FishbowlNY's Amanda Ernst and Mediaite's Glynnis MacNichol, who summed things up: "Now at the the tail end of the Air America party. Someone has apparently been stuck in the elevator for an hour and a half."

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