Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Does Steve Martin Dislike Kathy Griffin?

Why is this man laughing?

We never quite *got* Steve Martin. Sure, he has sort of sad, endearing, Spaniel eyes. He has seen the harsher sides of life. And the fragrance of melancholy that infuses his strange little book on comedy is, we cannot fail to note, interesting. He is not without his charms as a personality.

But has anyone ever had a gut-busting laugh over something Steve Martin said while doing stand-up? And don't even get us started about his Lowest Common Denominator movies. Still, he seems to have this odd fascination with being a part of The New Yorker and East Coast intellectualism. Very Michael Hirschorn (Atlantic Monthly, VH1), he. Of Martin, we have written, "There are two Steve Martin's: one, the smart Los Angelino comic-actor, and two, the buffoon ... The odd thing about Steve Martin is that the man is uncommonly smart. Or at least he has pretentions in being perceived as such. So, why does he do these things? Why does he hoist such horseshit at us? The paycheck? Couldn't he do smart, witty Los Angeles grown up films like Albert Brooks or something? Does he really think Americans are so stupid they will pay to watch (The Pink Panther)? Now this. From HowardStern:

"Kathy told the crew that Steve Martin was a total douchebag to her during a mutual appearance on Martin Short's old talk show: 'He was really aggressively unfriendly.' Kathy also confessed some plastic surgery, including two nosejobs and a round of liposuction so extreme that she couldn't pee after the surgery which left her lower body all bruised: 'It's like I was Rihanna from the waist down.'"

Rihanna notwithstanding (Averted Gaze), unlike Martin, Kathy Griffin is quite funny.


Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin isn't funny in the least. She is old, bitter, vicious, and has the intellectual aptitude of a wet toilet seat. She is desperate, and desperate isn't funny. It's just annoying.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I totally agree... the only thing funny about her is that Howdy Doody face.

Anonymous said...

kathy griffin is a legend and unique, only people with no sense of humour will not find her funny

Anonymous said...

I should have stopped at "We never quite *got* Steve Martin..."