Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rachel Maddow Is Looking For "A Good Warm-Weather Scotch Cocktail"

Anyone offhand know a good warm-weather scotch cocktail? On Gothamist the awesometastic Rachel Maddow, something of a cocktail Renaissance woman, expressed her interest:

"Gothamist's Jen Chung: What's your favorite cocktail these days? Or do you mix it up?

"Rachel Maddow: It's all about mixing it up. It's like asking what's your favorite song. You do sometimes have a moment where for a week you're obsessed with a song, and that happens to me with cocktails sometimes, but right now I'd say that I'm more interested in Scotch than I have been in the past. Scotch is used in very few cocktails, but when it is used, it can be very effective. So I'm very interested in trying to figure out what's beyond the Blood and Sand in terms of Scotch in cocktails. My favorite Scotch cocktail is one of the rare hot boozy drinks that I like, which is called a Whiskey Skin, and we're entering into the part of the year when you don't want hot drinks anymore, and I don't particularly like the Blood and Sand, so I'm trying to come up with a good warm-weather scotch cocktail. That's my current project. And when I say 'coming up with' I don't mean inventing one, I mean finding a classic one that works for me."

Frankly, the idea of mixing Scotch with anything other than a whisper of seltzer gives us naught else but cognitive vertigo. Then again, Rachel can do no wrong as far as we're concerned.

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