Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Tyra Got Her Short Season

Tyra Banks did a Times Talks session in May with Lynn Hirschberg ( a follow up to their 2008 interview for the Times magazine. In it she discusses how she got her "short" -- girls 5'7 and under -- thirteenth season:

Tyra: I was talking to the network and they weren't into it ... I think they wanted the focus on tall. I pitched (the short season idea) to (the CW) and they said no, and I said how can I get them to say yes. So I did a pinpoint presentation (including the average height of women, research on short supermodel Kate Moss' success) ... sent the information to the President of my network. And (Dawn Ostoff) said Tyra, you've got your short season."

It's a good story, but kind of stunning is the revelation that the head of the CW, Dawn Ostoff -- a woman -- would initially block the idea of empowering women under 5'7.

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