Thursday, September 03, 2009

Madonna Lets Rooco Dance Onstage In Tel Aviv

What's with British celebrities -- and Madonna clearly qualifies as one because of the accent she affected at the turn of the millennium -- letting their kids dance on stage at shows? The Beckham's also let their kid, Cruz, entertain an audience of perfect strangers like an agile dancing monkey. To wit, circa February 2008:

(Cruz Beckham busts a move via dailymail)

One would think that preserving some sort of anonymity for their children and letting them enjoy childhood would be important. From Thisislondon:

"He may look like his father, but when it comes to strutting his stuff Rocco Ritchie is his mother's son.

Rocco, the nine-year-old son of Madonna and RocknRolla director Guy Ritchie, joined his mum on stage in Tel Aviv last night.

"He threw some nifty rock'n'roll shapes as he bopped with her dancers in the wings before donning a baseball cap sideways and joining DJ Inferno on the decks for Madge's song Music."

Doesn't Madge know that as soon as she breaks that unwritten compact of minimal coverage, the thin line between celebrity children and the press, that she's opening a hornet's nest? This is only going to whet the appetite of the barracuda-like paparazzi.

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