Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Binaca To Advertise On Howard Stern's Sirius Show

(image via nymag)

We always wanted to know: Who advertises on Howard Stern now that he's gone over to an uncensored format? Starting this month, Binaca will launch a year-long ad campaign on Howard
Stern 100 Morning Replay. Live and pre-recorded sixty second spots will air on the Sirius satellite show's rebroadcast. We emailed Megan Brown of Fresh, Inc., the Los Angeles based oral care company that acquired the Binaca brand last year. Is she worried about the controversial uncensored content on the Howard Stern Show? "We believe that if you are going to advertise on Howard Stern, you cannot be overly concerned with the uncensored content." But it was Stern's target audience of young males that won the account. "The company believes that the Howard Stern audience is part of the target audience mix for Binaca." Sirius Satellite Radio estimates that the rebroadcasts reach almost 3.8 million unduplicated listeners weekly.

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