Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Giuliani Tried To Get NY1's Dominic Carter Reassigned

Respected City Hall reporter Dominic Carter last night had a freewheeling interview on NY1's Road To City Hall. He interviewed NYPD Confidential author Leonard Levitt. The subject turned to Rudy Giuliani, one of the most control-freaky mayors in New York City history (And, brother, that's saying something). When the subject turned to Giuliani and his various mishaps -- the alleged affair with Cristyne F Lategano and his legendary battles with Bill Bratton -- Carter recounted his own *moment* with the former mayor and unlikely Presidential candidate. According to Carter, Giuliani -- or, as we like to call him, Machiavelli, Jr. -- made requests "to the CEO of Time Warner to have me reassigned."

That CEO would be Richard Parsons, who has often been mentioned as a possible-future NYC Mayor. Parsons, apparently, did not listen to Mayor Giuliani and Dominic Carter remains -- after, perhaps NBC's Gabe Pressman -- the dean of City Hall reporters.

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